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The goofy kid....
The title for this is misleading..... it's me making excuses.... I never noticed.... all that Bit ever did for me..... never asking for anything back in return..... I was always busy with my CCAs and other stuff.... yet... she always took the time to look for me.... I was a spoiled kid... wasnt I? That's not it I suppose... I didn't know how to react to the emotions she was showering me with.... most of the time, I probably didn't react appropriately to what she was sharing with me.... But as I reflect back to how I was treated, it made me realise, I learnt plenty of things from her.... I learnt from her actions.... The hard part starts after you start going out.... It doesnt get easier... no thats wrong.... The relationship requires you to put in as much... or even more effort than before you started... I loved her kisses.... the kisses she showered me with... Post relationship, I learnt to not be complacent... it's not that you have to fight to keep it.... you... (more)

a new passover
Lent By Rev. Wayne Palmer Ash Wednesday: Read Exodus 12:21-24. TEXT: Now the Feast of Unleavened Bread drew near, which is called the Passover (Luke 22:1). The backdrop for our Lenten journey is the Jewish Passover. Long before Jesus' day this Jewish festival enjoyed a rich, long history, dating back to the time of the Exodus when God delivered His people from slavery in Egypt. The Passover was the tenth and final plague God brought upon Egypt. Since Egypt's leader, Pharaoh, had stubbornly refused to obey His command to free the Israelites, at midnight God would send a destroying angel to pass throughout the land of Egypt and kill all the firstborn children, including Pharaoh's own heir. But in love, God provided a way to escape this devastating plague. A lamb could be slain in place of the firstborn and its blood spread over the door frame of the house. When the angel of death reached a blood-marked house, God would command it to pass over and leave the... (more)

The 5
types of toxic narcissists
at work

You hear the narcissist label used quite a lot these days—in ordinary conversation, in news articles, on television. Most people use the word to describe men and women who think a little too well of themselves and don’t have much regard for the feelings of others. Kurt is always bragging about his “amazing” social life on Facebook—what a narcissist! Lena talks non-stop about herself and won’t let anyone else get a word in edgewise—she’s such a narcissist! When used this way as a kind of put-down, it gives the impression that all narcissists are alike—egomaniacs who are socially tone deaf. But narcissism actually occurs along a continuum of possible expressions, with healthy self-esteem at one end and Narcissistic Personality Disorder at the other. Even men and women who demonstrate its more toxic forms, people I refer to as “Extreme Narcissists,” don’t all... (more)

Tantric Tantrums
The sky is standing above us majestically everytime of your lifeBlue and brightThe sky is my witness The sun is shining endlessly every second of your timeGolden Rays and SparklingThe sun is my witness The night is always accompanying you faithfully every day as the day isThey are my witness The earth is serving you magnificently every step of your lifeSo graceful and proudThe earth is my witness The bird is singing to you joyfully every morning of your daySoundfully and upliftingThe bird is my witness The river is providing you with continuous reasons to celebrate miracles and lifeCommitted and freeThe river is my witness Go to every corner of my creation joyfullyand start asking question to yourselfHow come you don't humble yourself, your life and your beingand start becoming my witness Fondly yours,L O V E Jogjakarta, January 2015> Majestic View invites you to celebrate your life

scared and excited
scared....yessssss... but excited as well...

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