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The Rockers
Kumusta na? Is still anyone outthere?

Keeping it clean!!!
Well now that we have happy plants its time to make sure we keep them happy,and healthy! Some people change there solution in their hydroponic systems weekly. I've known growers that never changed or cleaned their systems during an entire grow, and still had moderate luck! When we grow herbs,vegetables,fruits or medication for ourselves I suggest that we would want to keep our hydroponic systems as clean as possible , and in great working condition! The great thing about indoor hydroponic gardening is you control the entire environment! A clean environment is a happy one! We will start with the flood table first.A good washing with mild dish soap, and sanitize with bleach then rinse it well! Next we will remove the reservoir, and place it on a little dolly for easy handling . The same washing and sanitizing methods that we used on the flood table are applied to the reservoir, and pump system. After cleaning and sanitizing are complete we will begin to put it all back... (more)

The Common Ills
Threats of prosecution
and bribes used to pacify residents
(Sherwood Ross)

Threats of prosecution and bribes used to pacify residents (Sherwood Ross) This is Sherwood Ross' report: THREATS OF PROSECUTION AND BRIBES USED TO PACIFY RESIDENTS OF NEWTOWN AND TO SUPPRESS INFORMATION ABOUT SANDY HOOK Interview Contact: Dr. Jim Fetzer: (608) 835-2707 Newtown has been given $50 million to build a new K-4 elementary school, even though the average cost nationwide is only $7 million. And the families of the alleged victims have received more than $27 million in donations from a sympathetic public. Moreover, there are reports that "gag orders" were issued to residents within 25 miles of the school, apparently including the use of National Security Letters (NSLs) from the FBI, which recipients are not even allowed to acknowledge they have received. The highly unusual letters have been used to direct residents to "cease and desist" from talking under threat of... (more)

Guenstiger Telefonsex aus dem Mobilfunkne

Fuer alle Freunde des Telefonsexs haben wir eine wirklich gute Nachricht, denn ab sofort ist es auch moeglich guenstigen Telefonsex vom Handy aus zu geniessen. wo es bisher immer so gewesen ist, dass man als Anrufer aus dem Mobilfunknetz ordentlich draufzahlen musste, fuehren wir einen einheitlichen Tarif ein, mit dem du den selben Minutenpreis bezahlst, wie du ihn bereits aus dem Festnetz kennst. Guenstiger Telefonsex aus dem Mobilfunknetz ist also nicht laenger eine schwierige Sache, sondern im Grunde ganz einfach, wenn man einmal weiss, wo man dafuer genau anrufen muss. Begieb dich also jetzt gleich auf unsere scharfe Sexhotline, auf der bereits zahlreiche wilde Handystuten darauf warten dir den Saft entlocken zu koennen. So einfach und vor allem guenstig hast du noch nie tabulosen Sex vom Handy bekommen.

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Mobile Crusher application
s and great potential

mobile Crusher was to install conventional fixed Crusher was able to drive the fuselage so that it can drive on their own, reduced the disassembly and Assembly of the link, the ability to work even better. And has a traditional mobile Crusher Crusher can not compare features, mobile Crusher it a whole stone production line can also be retrofitted, and becomes a moving piece of mobile equipment, which can greatly improve the efficiency of production of Crusher. Under the influence of on new mobile crusher, there are what industry began to apply the mobile Crusher equipment? More opencast mining at present broken ore crushing process of these products, processing of construction waste and so on. For mobile Crusher applications, workplace restrictions mainly according to customer and the special needs of the industry. For mobile Crusher applications, workplace restrictions mainly according to customer and the special needs of the industry. Ore fragmentation is an important process in... (more)

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